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Magie noire is a painting by René Magritte, painted in oil on canvas in 1945. It measures 73x54 cm, and belongs to the surrealist movement.

Magie noire is a naked woman, unveiled sex, thick, powerful and an amazing belly, the lower half of his body was left intact. The upper half is painted a sky blue that blends in with the background, giving it the frozen look of a Greek statue (but blue), as if that was gifted mimic the capabilities of a chameleon.

The woman portrayed and painted and named Georgette Berger, she posed for the "Magie noire" and for many other Magritte's paintings, as she was his wife and muse during their 45 years of marriage. He met young, shortly after the suicide of his mother, but not the Magritte married a few years later (Magritte's mother, Regina Bertinchamp, committed suicide by jumping into the Sambre river near Chatelet when he 14 years old).

In this table, where he represents his naked wife, he tries to transpose the dichotomy of woman, his wife anyway. A half belonging to the earthly world, the other half already in heaven. Or sexual half, down to earth and passionate, the other spiritual, to the fulfillment and transcendence. Or a raw and half hanging on the pleasure of the body, the other rising to God and holiness ... who knows? As usual, Magritte in "Black magic" invites more to the interpretation that it provides response.


from EXHIBITION ONE, released July 15, 2016





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